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You want more than one?
You want more than one?

How to sign up to another Invisible Accountant subscription when you already have one.

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Hey again! I’m stoked that you’re liking The Invisible Accountant and want to buy another one. It seems to be the fashionable thing amongst trendy bookkeepers and accountants these days! It’s all about client reporting with maximum impact.

Here’s how you go about it

  1. Start on the home page

  2. Click on Get Started;

  3. Sign up if you’ve never had a Calxa or Invisible Accountant account before, Sign In if you have;

  4. Add/confirm payment (remember you can cancel any time you want to);

  5. Connect to the accounting data (that must be online – MYOB, Xero or QuickBooks Online);

  6. Set the Preferences. Put your client’s email in the “also send to” box as you’ll be the main recipient;

  7. Adjust Financial Settings if you feel the defaults aren’t right;

  8. Log out.

You’ll only need to put your payment details in the first time – it will use the same ones for any future payments.

Then, just go round and round and round, starting at step 1 all the way through to step 8.

Easy, yes?

Help me Spread the Word

Now, while I have your attention, can I ask a favour? Would you help me spread the word to other small businesses by writing a short review on the Xero or QuickBooks add-on pages? Other business owners will sure appreciate hearing about your experience.

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