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You're Breaking my Heart
You're Breaking my Heart

Disconnecting and reconnecting with QuickBooks

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QuickBooks Online Disconnect


How did we get here? Looks like we’ve been disconnected and your QuickBooks Online is no longer talking to The Invisible Accountant.

Unfortunately, this means I won’t be able to deliver your monthly reports. And worse, you won’t be able to get the insight into your business to power along as before.

Let’s make up?

I would love to stay “friends”. If you would like to continue our relationship, sign in to your account and you’ll be able to reconnect. Let me show you how.

  1. Sign in to the app here.

  2. Now click Connect to QuickBooks to re-connect me to your QuickBooks Online data.

You really are breaking up with me?

Simply disconnecting is a little bit like breaking up by text message – one is never quite sure what just happened.

To fully cancel the subscription altogether, you need to sign in (and have that face-to-face talk) or follow these steps to cancel.

Hope to meet you again some time!

If you ever want to rekindle the two of us, I’ll be here waiting for you. You can sign up again in just a few minutes.

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